21 Of The Best Bloggers Who Have Rocked My World!

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                                                                  21 Of The Best Bloggers Who Have Rocked My World!                                

I’ve been blogging seriously now for just over two years and the time has come for me to acknowledge the shoulders of the giants I’ve been standing on. Here is my “Top 21 Bloggers Who Have Rocked My World!” These are my mentors. Most won’t know me. I haven’t spoken to all of them or bought their products but they are my wise and trusted counsellors… my guides from the side!

Our “world” foundations are built on our beliefs and to have our world rocked is to have our beliefs shifted. These bloggers have inspired me, opened my mind to greater possibilities and helped to tap latent potential. Much of my online success so far can be credited to WHO THEY ARE and the WORK THEY DO.  

Some of these bloggers are blogosphere ”rock stars” who play to big global audiences. Others are less well known and play to a smaller local crowd. But all of them create music that “ROCKS” and adds so much value to the world. Amen to that!  

I vetted over 50 bloggers and online marketers who I follow through five questions. To pass they needed to get five yeses! Many fell down on the first question so I’ll be hitting their unsubscribe button! 

  1. Is their concern for my growth more important than selling me something?
  2. Do they write epic content that adds tonnes of value?
  3. Do they have a unique angle? Are they thought leaders rather than re-hashers of old stuff? 
  4. Are they humble, real, open to not being perfect and authentic?
  5. Have they created a community where I feel supported and a part of something amazing?

Some of these bloggers cater more for a female audience but that hasn’t stopped me learning a tremendous amount from them. Plus, they keep me in touch with my feminine side! Win win! 

If you are looking to live and work in a way that taps the best of you, then look no further than these super talented bloggers to rock YOUR world!

Please share this list with your friends and help me get these amazing people in front of a bigger audience. Leave a comment and let me know which blogger rocks your world. Who else ticks my five questions?

*Please note that the list below is not a ranking and the bloggers mentioned are in no particular order*

#1. Molly Mahar
Why she rocks my world:
Molly is a sassy life coach that blogs about having it all and empowers women of Generation Y to have a fulfilling and successful life. Her blog is light, airy and filled with humour and is jam-packed with inspiration and tools to help live a fun, fulfilling life. This website is so filled with positivity that it is an absolute joy every time I visit it.
Visit Molly’s Blog, Stratejoy

#2. Aaron Ross
Why he rocks my world:
Aaron’s blog is about living life and making money through enjoyment. He believes that work should be enjoyable, something that resonates within us all. His blog and drawings (you need to see one to know what I mean) are very informative and he writes in a very personal and down to earth way that is not pretentious or preachy. If you want to find what your Unique Genius is, Aaron is your man. Plus, he has a very very cute newborn daughter.
Visit Aaron’s Blog, Pebblestorm

#3. Corbett Barr
Why he rocks my world:
Corbett has been my “‘guide from the side” since I started this blog. He now writes a blog that’s become his full time business. His love is to help passionate people set up websites or blogs that really matter, then build a thriving and profitable audience which ultimately leads to them to greater freedom. Corbett has been credited by many of the top bloggers as a major influence on their blogging success. Personally, his small eBook, New Economy Superstar got my cogs whirring with possibilities. Plus, like me, he is a surfer and only a surfer truly understand there is nothing else like it! 
Visit Corbett’s Blog, Thinktraffic

#4. Gretchen Rubin
Why she rocks my world: 
Author of the brilliant book ‘The Happiness Project’, among several other books, Gretchen’s blog is dedicated to bringing happiness to people in every aspect of their life. Everyone could use a bit more happiness, don’t you think? She doesn’t just spout the latest happiness rhetoric without test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happier. She then reports her daily adventures on her blog and in her books. Gretchen also has some great videos on her YouTube channel that help you put her happiness ideas into practice.  
Visit Gretchen’s Blog, The Happiness Project

#5. Neil Crofts
Why he rocks my world:
I first met Neil at one of his workshops and have followed him since. He is a researcher and business maverick and writes about how authentic businesses are not just about profit, but also about fulfilment. Neil helps businesses to align brand and culture and to live the brand through authentic leadership. He is the author of the best selling book Authentic Business but my favourite book of his is Seven Stages Of Authenticity.  
Visit Neil’s Blog, Authentic Business

#6. Nick Williams
Why he rocks my world:
Like many of the sites on this list, Nick’s site revolves around working for personal satisfaction and not just money. He is the author of seven books but his book, The Work We Were Born To Do was the book that really resonated with me when I first read it. It’s the perfect guide to turn what we love doing into a profitable business. Nick writes about ways to unify the spiritual, emotional and practical dimensions of being an entrepreneur so your life, work and business is inspiring and meaningful. 

Visit Nick’s website, Inspired Entrepreneur

#7. Adam Baker
Why he rocks my world:
Man Vs. Debt is a blog and community of people who offer suggestions and support to help others become debt-free and Adam is the cornerstone and founder of that community. This is a goal we all have, but very few reach and every bit of help we can get along the way is great. Adam is also a founder of Crank Tank Studios. They are soon to launch a feature-length documentary called, “I’m Fine, Thanks.” It follows the Crank Tank’s team on a journey across the United States as they document the lessons from experts (some are on this list) and everyday folks on how to battle the epidemic of mediocrity that defines so many lives. 
Visit Adam’s Blog, Man vs. Debt

#8. Ethan Waldman
Why he rocks my world:
Ethan is a talented technology coach who particularly loves helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed. His job is not to help fix your computer, though he could do that, but to help you create a vision utilizing technology. He is very down to earth and never bogs things down by being overly technical (which I love). For example, if you want to get a handle on your email overload, Ethan’s your man! 
Visit Ethan’s blog, Cloud Coach

#9. Tim Ferris
Why he rocks my world:
Mr Ferris has to be on my list. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek which truly rocked my world! He is the ‘big daddy’ of lifestyle design. Tim is really big on breaking what he calls “outdated assumptions” and finding ways to be more effective so that work takes up less time. He has an incredible ability to take some very complex topics and break them down into easy to apply actions to get amazing results with the least amount of effort or time. His blog is one of the most influential blogs in the world today!  

Visit Tim’s site

#10. Katie Frelling
Why she rocks my world:
I was introduced to Katie through a friend and instantly loved her personal development videos. Her energy is infectious and her big goal is to great a global shift through the online work that she does. Katie’s passion is to transform other entrepreneurs from the ‘inside out.’ Her writing is sometimes serious, often humourous but always interesting and innovative. Any information from Katie is always a pleasure to read and take action on. 
Visit Katie’s blog

#11. Ryan Lee
Why he rocks my world:
Author, speaker and success coach, Ryan Lee has boundless energy and a no ‘bull shit’ approach to online business. He’s a smart guy who definitely knows his stuff, having been running his business online since 1999. Ryan is the most transparent internet marketer I know and you should definitely check his site out. 
Visit Ryan’s site

#12. Vishen Lakhiani
Why he rocks my world:
Vishen is a visionary and co-founder of the maverick, award winning-company MindValley which he started with his partner Mike Reining. MindValley’s mission is to bring together marketing and technology to help spread enlightened ideas. Finerminds, Vishen’s blog and website, is a self-growth site that combines spirituality with business practices to help you be happy and more fulfilled in both life and your work.
Visit Vishen’s blog, Finerminds

#13. Jonathan Mead
Why he rocks my world:
Author of the blog Paid to Exist, Jonathan’s philosophy is that instead of compartmentalizing work and life, the two should be integrated in order to bring about self purpose, fulfillment and freedom. He has built an amazing cult following of people who are interested in generating money doing something that they are passionate about. I alway enjoy reading whatever Jonathan puts out. He gives you the feeling that the path to fulfillment is an adventure, not a chore.
Visit Paid to Exist

#14. Henrik Edberg
Why he rocks my world:
Henrik is the brains behind the highly successful Positivity Blog. His blog places an emphasis on improving your social life, health and happiness. Henrik doesn’t see himself as an expert, more an enthusiast whose wisdom and wit comes through his experience. I’ve been a fan of his blog for over two years now and I’m sure you’ll love it to.  
Visit Henrik’s blog

#15. Shanda Sumpter
Why she rocks my world:
Shanda comes across as a bright, fiery caring spirit and lives in a part of the world we love – Southern California! As a life coach, she focuses on creating opportunities for women to step into their power and make their business & life dreams become a reality. If you are a entrepreneuress in the making, and want to stop settling for less, you will find her information, programmes and articles indispensable. 
Visit Shanda’s site, Heartcore Women

#16. Tranque Fuller
Why he rocks my world:
As a midlife man I resonated with Tranque’s personal story. Its inspiring and enlightening and not that different to mine. He learned to break free of the “treadmill” he was on and to not only live his life in a more enjoyable manner, but he also met the woman of his dreams while doing so. Tranque writes extremely inspiring information on how to re-write our life story. Something he has done remarkably well.  
Visit Tranque’s website

#17. Cody Mckibben
Why he rocks my world:
I first heard the phrase Digital Nomad on Cody’s blog. He is an online entrepreneur, writer and marketer who loves to help people create location independence – business and lifestyle that allows you to travel and work (something my wife and I want to do when the boys fly the nest). Cody is extremely well travelled young man and believes that life shouldn’t be a spectator sport, and that people should get out there and not just experience it but live it. Inspiring stuff! 
Visit Cody’s blog

#18. Jenny Bayliss
Why she rocks my world:
Not only does Jenny provide telephone based life and business coaching but she is also an emotional healer and a spiritual entrepreneur. She writes about a wide variety of topics, not just the standard fare for these types of websites but also such topics as healing overeating. The amazing story of how Jenny successful purchased The Jasmine House, on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset for her retreats exemplifies the person she is.   
Visit Red Dandelion

#19. Melody Fletcher
Why she rocks my world:
Melody is an “energy coach” who believes firmly in the power of the Law of Attraction. Not only does her site contain some great, helpful articles but it is hilarious. Melody is a lot of fun and believes we shouldn’t take life too seriouslyIf you are looking for a no nonsense approach to the application of the Law of Attraction, Melody is your girl! Plus, she lives in my home country of Spain. 
Visit Deliberate Receiving

#20. Lori Deschene
Why she rocks my world:
Lori’s site, Tiny Buddha, focuses on slowing down and taking a more relaxed look at life, reflecting on simple wisdom and applying it in your own life to make things better. She stresses that the site is not only hers, but it is everyone’s, and as a result the site has tips and posts from many people about their experiences. Lori is a wise soul and her blog simply brilliant! 
Visit Tiny Buddha

#21. Michael Dunlop
Why he rocks my world:
When I started blogging Michael’s eBook “How To Make Money Blogging” was my bible. I even modelled the style of his blog to design this one. Michael is young, successful and truly lives the internet lifestyle. His blog offers tips and hints to help the online entrepreneur better monetize his or her website. Michael knows his stuff, particularly when it comes to monetizing websites.
Visit Income Diary

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    Take a look at some of the responses we have had to this article.

    1. Aug 29th

      Thanks for your kind words and recommendation, Colin! I was inspired by your story as well; I truly connected to it because it definitely rang familiar.

      I think that many (most?) of us when we find ourselves facing the reality that we’re going to have to make some real changes–maybe even a complete & total life-story rewrite as we did–feel that we’re absolutely alone in this. But the truth is, even if you feel like a “Midlife Maverick,” you don’t have to be a Lone Ranger. (And even he had Tonto!)

      Thank you for your dedication to getting your essential message out there!

      Be Present. Expect Success. Live with Passion!

    2. Colin
      Aug 30th

      Thanks Tranque. Yes, I have found many midlifers (especially men) transitioning in isolation. Never a smart move! Its good to talk and connect with a community that understands. There are plenty of good ones out there… yours being one of them.

    3. Hi Colin,

      Holy Bejeezus, I’m on the same list as Tim Ferris and the like. You, my dear man, have made my week. Seriously, I’m truly honored to be included on this list, especially considering the caliber of the other bloggers on here. And thank you so much for putting this together. There are a few names that I don’t yet know and that I’m looking forward to checking out.

      I love your criteria, as well! I follow pretty much the same rules when figuring out which blogs to read. That, and I just have to click with them. It’s hard to read the blog of someone that I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing smoothies with. That’s not a euphemism. I just don’t drink beer, so wouldn’t share one with pretty much anyone.

      Thanks again!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!
      Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..Quick LOA Questions Volume 10 – Manifesting, Stray Thoughts and ArtistsMy Profile

    4. Colin
      Aug 30th

      Hola Melody, I’d be happy to sip a smoothy with you if every you are down this way. Do they make them mojito flavour??? Adios for now cx

    5. Aug 30th

      Great list Colin. Many of the bloggers I have heard of and some I have not. Either way, I will have to go and visit some of these awesome people’s sites.
      Justin Mazza recently posted..Weird October – Send me your Guest Post about Paranormal Topics and ExperiencesMy Profile

    6. Colin
      Aug 30th

      Thanks for swinging by Justin. Enjoy meeting some new superstars!

    7. Pearl
      Aug 31st

      This is an excellent collect of examples that I want model my future on……. Thank you for exposing me to these great people and resources.

    8. Colin
      Aug 31st

      You are welcome Peal. My top 21 have been awesome role models for me, both on a personal development level and a business level. Many of them are very successful online marketers.

    9. Aug 31st

      Hi Colin,

      I was quite sleepy on late morning 5am, feewing my facebook neews feed and I see your posting, give a couple minutes of review to read your article and I don’t find sleeping is interesting anymore, I’m starting new business and I need positif influence for my start up plan, your list is new homework of digging and fun way to study propietorship, since blog is powerful I’m going to learn its pattern and start with your list, thanks for sharing, much respect from Indonesia. – Joseph

    10. Colin
      Sep 1st

      Welcome from Indonesia Joseph. I’m sure the bloggers on my list will give you plenty of positive influence and business ideas. Enjoy digging!

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