Why Do Children Love Sitting In Laps?

Posted on October 8th, 2009 by Colin and is posted in Relationships

                                                                  Why Do Children Love Sitting In Laps?                                

My youngest Herbie, aged nine, has recently come back from hospital after having a little operation and, because of his need for some extra special attention; he’s made me aware of an important ritual in our family and its deeper meaning.

As soon as Tor or I sit down, he sits in our laps. For that matter Sonnie, our eleven year old likes to climb in our laps on a regular basis. Not to be left out of the fun, Tor and I sit on each others’ laps too!

The boys are like a hawks hovering over its prey, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting lap as soon as it shows it’s self. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I can be sitting in a café, reading the paper, writing at my laptop, resting on the garden chair, sitting on the sofa watching TV and they’ll be right there, no invitation needed, climbing on me and settling down between my belly and knees.

I love it!

What is it about laps? What is their significance? Many animals don’t have laps, they have a lot of lovely things but they don’t have laps. You can ride a horse but you can’t sit in its lap. The saying goes a dog is man’s best friend but it doesn’t have a lap.  Laps are used for a whole manner of things and many little transformations happen in laps.

When the boys are hurt, bored, angry, crying or fed up, the non verbal message of arms out stretched; an open lap and the prospect of a little cuddle can initiate an instant miracle healing. Herbie, especially, still likes to sit on my lap as he reads his school books. My lap is like a safe front row seat into a new world of adventure and imagination. A lap is a place to snuggle down and get some warmth and protection from a cold wind. A lap is a symbol of openness, acceptance, love, reassurance, comfort, caring, soothing, accessibility, availability and wisdom, a wellspring of harmonious healing energy. What wonderful inventions laps are!

Thinking about laps this way can help us in life. Life ‘curve balls’ can throw us off centre making even more important to create some lap-space for ourselves. Lap-space is a sacred place to sit, to be still, to breathe and find a moment’s respite from the world. They are a place to get centred before venturing back out into the dramas of the world. To create a lap-space for ourselves is an act of self-caring and self love.

Our lap-space can be a point of transformation and healing, where we can get hooked up to the universal power plant. It is in these sacred moments that the juice can come in.  Lap-space is available to us at any moment, no matter where we are, no matter how badly we are doing or what life drama has us in its grip. It’s accessible the moment we bring our awareness to it. Our lap-space waits patiently for us to slow down, hit the pause button, take a deep breath and give our attention to its wondrous presence. At any moment we can be in its stillness or be in reaction to the dramas surrounding us.

I thank my children for reminding me of the sprit of the lap and the chance to reconnect with the sacred.

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    1. carol
      Nov 29th

      I love this. I am going to climb on your lap the very next time I see you.

    2. Colin
      Nov 30th

      Hi Carol…my lap is open and ready for next time. Thanks for popping by.

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