Are You A Corporate Prisoner?

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                                                                  Are You A Corporate Prisoner?                                

The recession is turning many workers into corporate prisoners, stuck in jobs they would otherwise leave, warns talent consultancy Chiumento, which says this is bad for business damaging both moral and productivity. 

What is a corporate prisoner?

A Corporate Prisoner is someone who stays with an organization without being fully engaged. Their personal aspirations and needs are no longer aligned with those of their employer. Rather than move on to a new role or new organisation, the Corporate Prisoner stays. Some out of choice – some for reasons beyond their control. 

The papers author, Chiumento director Ian Gooden, describes six kinds of corporate prisoner:

1. The escaper – 21% of employees fall into this category, the largest group – they are the ones planning to leave as soon as there is another job to go to, threatening business continuity and driving up costs.

2. The visiting star – is someone who is riding out the economic storm or climbing the career ladder. They are often too-good-too –be –good true candidates and employers are advised to get the optimum benefit from them while they can. Around 12% of workers fit into this category.

3. The economic prisoner – 11% of workers are economic prisoners who can’t afford to move because their pre-recession salary could never be matched elsewhere. This can hold back potential more able employees from promotion.

4. Prisoners of circumstance – 11% of employees fit into this category – stuck with a poor leader, a need to work locally or work limited hours, they have no choice but to stick with their jobs. This can lead to alienation and poor performance.

5. Prisoners of conscience – Only 4% fit into this category – they stay because they are loyal but may have reached the limits of their ability

6. The lifer – Just 3% fit this category – they provide stability to the organisation but are unlikely to be open minded to the changes needed to overcome the challenges their organisations will face in the coming months.

Download the full green paper here

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