Final Results & Next Steps

Written by Colin

Last week I set up a simple poll to find out what the number one inner block is stopping you living the life you really want.

Years of coaching thousands of people have revealed three of the most common “blocks” that hold people back.

The three are:

1. Lack of clarity
2. Fears and doubts
3. Issues with money

Here are the final poll results:

Drum roll please!!! 

Ta da!

There is obviously a clear winner getting almost 50% of the votes and second and third are really close.

Thanks to all of you who completed the poll. 222 voters is not a bad number for a little blog like mine.

I’ll now put my thinking cap on to see how I can support you further in achieving the life you want.

In the meaning time, here are a few blog posts that talk to the “Clarity” block. Each one contains a specific exercise designed to bring more clarity to your future vision.

I will add, its no good just reading these posts, you MUST roll up your sleeves and DO the exercises!
This blog post contains a free “Everything You Need To Know About
Vision Boards” ebook. I’ll be taking it down soon and putting it on
Kindle, so get it (if you haven’t already) before you have to
pay for it.

Ok! Enjoy doing the exercises and I’ll be back soon!

Your success and happiness. My passion and purpose.


PS. As always, I welcome your thoughts. You can email me personally at