Have You Fallen For Pre-packaged Happiness?

Posted on October 27th, 2009 by Colin and is posted in Midlife

                                                                  Have You Fallen For Pre-packaged Happiness?                                

In the first half of life our society quite clearly lays out the path we are supposed to follow. To not follow is to be classed a misfit. So, in the first half of life we play the game of ‘social expectation’.

You know how it’s supposed to go …  Get a great job – tick. Earn lots of money – tick. Meet Mr or Mrs Right – tick. Fall madly in love – tick. Buy a top of the range sports car – tick. Set up home together – tick. Go on an exotic holidays together – tick. Have a baby – tick. Move to bigger house and renovate it – tick. Have another baby – tick. Get rich – tick And as the fairy tale goes,” Live happily ever after” 

Chances are you’ve had a mental picture (or fantasy) in you head of how life’s supposed to pan out ever since you’ve left school, and you’ve been busily ticking off your goals along the way.  

But what happens if you’re thrown off course by a life threatening illness, or a redundancy, or say, a divorce? Or, even more puzzling, if you’ve reach your fantasy destination and realise, “having it all” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The cry goes out, “Why is it, when I have it so good…I feel so bad?” As the reality clashes with the fantasy a state of disillusionment, dissatisfaction or worse – depression can envelope you with its darkness.

Welcome to the classic midlife crisis!

Many situations that occur in midlife are uncontrollable. That’s what makes a crisis a real possibility for many. This is a time in your life when you find out, maybe for the first time, that you are not in control.  The good news is midlife is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow and align yourself with your truth.

Midlife can be a turning point for those who will use it as such. It’s a time to take inventory of your life. It’s a time to pay attention to the whispers that have been alerting you of the imbalances of your professional, personal and family life as well as your physical, emotional, and even you financial health.

It’s a time to put your hands back on the wheel in terms of your life’s course. It’s a time to reflect on the past and what you have learnt from it. It’s a time to get rid of any baggage you are still holding onto and weighing you down, such as dept, un-forgiveness, anger, and personal relationships that take all your energy and rob you of being who you are meant to be.  

With the right support and guidance midlife can be a springboard to a new era in your life, complete with improved health, spiritual fulfilment, and lasting relationships’ that enrich your life. 

This is your wake up call…will you rise to the challenge?

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    1. Jean-Christophe
      Nov 9th

      Thank you for setting up this blog. And for this first entry. A few typos, but… could you please get out of my head? I mean, this is exactly where I am in life, only divorced :-)

      Thanks for voicing this. I can’t wait to read more of it.

      Friendly regards,


    2. Colin
      Nov 12th

      Thanks for the kind feedback Jean, and for being the first to leave a comment on my new bolg. I’ll get those typos sorted.
      See you back in the ‘village’ soon

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