How Death Can Change Our Perspective Of Living

Posted on October 5th, 2010 by Colin and is posted in Growth

                                                                  How Death Can Change Our Perspective Of Living                                
We live and we die. But while living, most of us don’t keep the thought of death in mind. I know when my sister Sharon found out she had cancer she did. We talked about it.

For a very big population on the earth, life is perpetual. That is how we think and live. I wonder if this is the right attitude? To a certain extent this is a right attitude and at times, it may be wrong!

Lets look at it further.

We not only live our life thinking that we will not die, but we also behave with others as if they will also not die. Let me give you an example. Let us talk about a friend. They do something or say something that we are hurt and annoyed about.

We feel bad, and we begin to point the finger of blaming at them for what they did to us. We might not consider the thought of forgiving and carrying on. Why? Suppose that friend of ours meets their death shortly after they hurt us.

What will be our reaction?

I’m sure for the majority of us the bad feelings that we had for that person quickly loses all the meaning and give way to love. That person is gone and no judgment or need to be right will help now. The situation has changed totally.

Accidents occur everyday and the truth is anyone of us may die at any moment. None of us knows the time of our death. We all like to believe that we will live to a ripe old age and will die only after that.

How about changing our perspective?

How about keeping the thought in our mind at all times that – the person I am so annoyed with now, or I am arguing with so much now, may even die after an hour by meeting in some freak accident.

This may change our perspective about all our relationships especially our close ones, the people we love the most. Is this not true? It will change our thoughts about ourselves also. We will all begin thinking more of today and worry less about tomorrow.

Life is precious. Every life is very precious. Every heart is precious. Why hurt anyone including our own self? Forgive everyone. Love everyone. Begin with yourself.

Let death change our perspective.

I am.

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