How I Plan To Earn A 6 Figure Income In The Next 12 Months

Posted on May 6th, 2010 by Colin and is posted in Career


Now that I’m 4 days into being self employed I though I’d share how I intend to support the family financially over the next 12 months and beyond. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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    1. May 6th

      Hello Mr Magnificent!

      1) Thank you for sharing your plan – sharing being a hallmark of the abundance mentality so valuable (to ALL)
      2) You’ve always been working for yourself, I encourage you to respect that paradigm – no one has been giving you handouts, there has simply been an alternative accounting treatment to your income stream versus the one moving forward
      3) Believe. You’re already there…
      4) Ref item 3.

      Big visions to you and the Mr Magnificent family!

    2. Colin
      May 6th

      Hola Cynthia,

      I love the ‘alternative accounting treatment’ in your comment. It leaves a ‘smile on’ feeling. I will continue to ref item 3 over and over. Promise

    3. Harriet B
      May 6th

      Blown away by this Colin. You have such a rich experience of coaching people and getting extraordinary results that I’m sure you’ll smash your targets.

    4. Colin
      May 6th

      Hey thanks H… its always good to have some cheers leaders encouraging us from the side lines. You’re certainly in that category.

    5. cheryl
      May 6th

      Love the plan Colin and your approach to taking on these goals so visibly; you’ll do great and your plan looks very doable. I left my corporate exec. position 9 years ago and reached my goal of matching my corporate salary in the first year and have continually surpassed it doing many of the same things you’re doing. However, I haven’t done the affiliate marketing and am always seeking new revenue channels–anxious to see how that works out for you. Also curious about one detail–what program did you use to create your slides/video–nicely done! Good luck! Independence is wonderful.

    6. Colin
      May 6th

      Hi Cheryl.
      Its re-assuring to hear you matched you corporate income in your first year and have gone on to surpass it. I plan to blog about each of these businesses, that includes my affiliate business so stay tuned. I use Camtasia Studio. You can download it for a free 30 day trial. I took me a while to understand it but they do have some great training videos that help. Let me know how you get on. Thanks for the encouragement

    7. May 6th

      Hi Colin,
      I love your openness and your joy in sharing. I think you are on the right track. I can take parts of your plan and implement them into my coaching business. Thanks again. Keep up the great work and soon you will be having your “Great Big Life”

    8. Colin
      May 6th

      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for the comment and I love the idea of living a “Great Big Life” It reminds me of the wise words of Josepth Campbell – “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so to have the life that’s waiting for us. I appreciate you putting fingers to key board.

    9. graham mann
      May 6th


      Sounds really good and your confidence is invigorating, I will be watching with great interest how you progress. I Hope it prooves to be the motivation I need to make a break from my present grind.

    10. Colin
      May 7th

      Hi Graham,
      Breaking Free of anything thats getting in the way of living the life we desire is what its all about. Although I come across with confidence I have moments of doubt and worry that would cripple me if I let it. My recommendation to you is to starting working on a plan to breaking free now, don’t wait for me, I might screw up! That doesn’t mean you will. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on the road ahead.

    11. Sarah C
      May 7th

      Hi Colin

      Impressed with your clarity of focus and applying what you already know to what you can now do for yourself. As said above, looks highly achievable from what you have shown us so far. Look forward to hearing more of how well it is it is going – as a business and as a lifestyle..

    12. Colin
      May 7th

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Its going to be a be an adventure for sure. cx

    13. May 8th

      Dear Colin,

      Thank you for your willingness to share your plan, it is very inspiring! I left my job to build my own career coaching firm in February. It was great to see your plan and compare it with mine!

      I wish you the best in this adventure, and look forward to following your progress, I hope one day I can pay forward the help you provided me with today!!

    14. Robert Stump
      May 8th

      Love the very clear video my friend & think that the plan looks very impressive & achievable. I look forward to seeing your journey unfold and hope that I can learn from you. Speak soon

    15. Colin
      May 8th

      Thanks amigo. See you outback soon. cx

    16. Colin
      May 8th

      HI Mrim,
      Love the work you are doing. Its such an important piece of the happiness puzzle and more and more people are realising that! Thanks for stopping by.

    17. May 10th

      Wow Colin — very inspirational, very pragmatic, you have a wonderful way to take what might be a huge challenge, break it down into chunks, stay focussed and make the complex seem simple. Would love to connect personally on some of these things with you


    18. Colin
      May 10th

      Thanks Chris. I’ll be in touch soon cx

    19. PeterG
      May 11th

      Truly inspiring. In a world that preaches and teaches competition and ‘me’ attitude, here you are sharing.It all seems very realistic and achievable. There is of course a great deal of hard work. You are the master of ‘swnliness’. All calm on top but the engine is working away underneath.
      Love to assist where I can and where you would want me. Love to Tor and the family.Speak to you soon. PeterG

    20. Colin
      May 12th

      Hey Pete G
      Great to hear from you. Its been a while!!!! I certainly agree on the hard work, but I’m very much looking forward to it. As a maverick I do like to shake things up a bit! Love to you and the family cx

    21. jenny
      May 14th

      What a brillinat and inspirational video. Of course it is realistic as whatever you can think you can have. keep focused on the goal as this is all within your reach. Would love to talk more about this. lets talk soon
      Love jen XX

    22. Colin
      May 14th

      Hola Jen,
      Coolio… we are destined to catch up on the phone soon! Adios for now :o )

    23. Janet McMillan
      May 16th

      Hi Colin. I really enjoyed watching your video, and am full of admiration for you. I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll make a great success of your new business, and you’ve obviously invested a lot of time and energy in preparing for this new phase of your life. I met you at a pivotal time in my life 4 years ago when I was about to leave the NHS, and found your help and encouragement invaluable as I stepped out into the unknown to set up my own consultancy business. 4 years on II’m having a great time, and love the freedom and flexibility that working independently has given me. I have much to thank you for, and I wish you every success as you look forward into an exciting future. I look forward to continuing to follow your journey. With very best wishes. Janet

    24. Sander
      May 18th

      check it out! your movie certainly put a big smile on my face. i look forward to seeing how it all develops. will stay posted. you da man.

    25. Colin
      May 19th

      Hey Janet, great to hear from you. Thanks for bringing me up to date with you consultancy business. Its wonderful to hear how those conversations we had have turned out for you. I do remember it being a big leap for you but it sounds like its payed off. I can’t believe 4 years have passed already!!! Bye for now. cx

    26. Colin
      May 19th

      Hey mi amigo Sander. Thanks for checking out my midlife maverick hood! Hope the family are well. cx

    27. Jan 21st

      Wow, you have really jumped off the cliff and got your wings whilst falling. Impressive. I am curious to see how the plan and what’s happened so far have transpired.

    28. Jan 22nd

      Colin – Just wanted to let you know I am VERY inspired by this video and your different websites. I recently read 4 Hour Work Week and have been wracking my brain with different ideas on how to live the life of my choosing. Your websites have given me GREAT ideas and motivation. I’m very intrigued about your business. I was wondering if you could share some more about that. Thanks for sharing all of the information that you do. You are truly an inspiration. : )

    29. Colin
      Jan 24th

      Hi Casey. Thanks for the feedback. I loved the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss… mind expanding stuff! The purpose of is help SME’s with the management of their SEO and social media projects. SEO (search engine optimisation) was one of the first things I learn to help with my own sites and I quickly realised I could also help small businesses with what I have learned. Now I have many clients who I’ve helped get page one on Google and they are reaping the benefits of more business. Hope that helps.

    30. Colin
      Jan 24th

      Hi Jemma, I will put a video out at the end of the year with my results. It will be interesting as I still feel I’m falling in certain areas but trusting the wings will be there when I need them!!!

    31. Casey
      Jan 25th

      Colin – I can’t see your full reply to me on your site. Would you mind emailing it to me when you have a moment? Thank you so much : )

    32. Jun 5th

      I think 6 figure is difficult for me to achieve. I usually achieve lower six figure. But I am amazed on your motivation and plans to achieve earning a six figure income. Good luck to your plans.
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