(Video) How To Get Unstuck With The 5 Minute Fix Maestro!

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                                                                  (Video) How To Get Unstuck With The 5 Minute Fix Maestro!                                

Got some questions about your motivation or what’s blocking you?

Below is a video with some tips, strategies and 5 minute fixes that will help get you moving forward! 

NOTE: There are timestamps under the video in case you are in a hurry and want to skip to the most relevant information for you.

Total video time: 48:31 

0:00 – Intro And Overview
2:24 – How Do I Overcome Other Peoples’ Put Downs?
9:50 – Law of Attraction! Where is the Evidence?
15:12 – How Do I Build Self Belief?
21:22 – How Do I Get Myself Motivated?
26:16 – How Do We Keep The Romance Alive When We Are Both Really Busy?
31:48 – How Do I Make The Right Decision?
36:14 – How Do I Ensure Momentum In The Achievement Of My Goals?
40:59 – Do I Need To Create A Detailed Plan To Achieve My Goals?
44:38 – How Do I Become The “Be” In The Be-Do-Have Model?

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Special thanks to Dean Hunt for this idea! 

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    1. Carmel
      Jan 21st

      Hi Colin
      really enjoyed listening to you, you make things really clear and easy to understand.
      Thank you Carmel

    2. Colin
      Jan 21st

      Hey, thanks Carmel. Glad you found it useful. cx

    3. Tina
      Jan 23rd

      Colin thanks again for your feedback and tips. I’m definitely up for your challenge! Your information has been extremely helpful to me. Huge shout out again ❤

    4. Colin
      Jan 23rd

      Thanks Tina. Glad the tips helped. Let me know how you get on. cx

    5. Jan 28th

      Hi Colin, another great video, straight to the point & reiterates all the principles of FYS. After listening I used some of the techniques to review the life I am having and I am sure that positive outcomes will occur. Thank you again for all your help. Regards David Ames

    6. Colin
      Jan 29th

      I’m pleased to hear the video helped you David. Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know. cx

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