Jojo and Joey Interview – How To Live And Work Anywhere You Choose

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                                                                  Jojo and Joey Interview – How To Live And Work Anywhere You Choose                                

The Midlife Maverick Interview Series is about everyday people who are following their smile and living their ideal life. 

We all have an internal GPS that navigates our life journey, it’s called our “smile.” Our “smile” is a directional signal that guides us and gives us clues regarding what we truly, deeply want to do. When you follow your smile you discover your inner calling (purpose), profitable career and ideal lifestyle.

Today I’ve interviewed a very inspirational couple –  Joseph Cassar and Jo Norton. They are truly location independent which means they can work and live anywhere they choose. They are traveling the world, making money and having an adventure at the same time. Check out where they have been on their travel blog  - 

They work with friends-come-business partners on some very cool, creative projects as part of their new business, They’ve recently launch of their first application, the Shhh-o-matic. It’s a fun, simple app that lets people know when they need to shhh! We’ve had some real fun with it in our family and its great for pranking friends. 

Jojo and Joey are living their ultimate freedom lifestyle and they share many nuggets we can learn from. Here are just a few:

  • The importance of a ‘sparkly’ vision
  • How role models and mentors have helped them take the leap of faith 
  • How they have overcome fears, like the fear of not making enough money
  • How they have both worked on their personal confidence 
  • The strategies they use when things become stressful
  • How being a millionaire and living a millionaire lifestyle is different
  • How they run their business for anywhere in the world 
  • They also talk about a number of resources that have helped live their ideal lifestyle. Below is a list they recommend you check out:

Enjoy and remember, leave us a comment and show your appreciation with some Facebook love.

To your happiness and success

Colin (aka The Midlife Maverick) 

(The video takes about 30 seconds to download, so be patient. You can download the mp3 by clicking on the icon below the video. Also Jojo’s face is little obscured by my video screen. I didn’t see that during the recording! Sorry Jojo! )

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