Life Skill #2 Align With Your Inner Guidance System

Posted on November 26th, 2009 by Colin and is posted in Lifestyle Design

                                                                  Life Skill #2 Align With Your Inner Guidance System                                

Do you trust your inner guidance system?  Have you ever had a gut feeling that defied logic and turned out to be true?

You have an inner guidance system that’s attempting to direct you on your true path 24 hours a day all year long. The BIG challenge is you may not be totally aware of it or not know how to access it. Life skill #2 must be developed if you are going to make any progress towards the life you are meant to live.  Living your ideal life has to be created from the inside out. When you follow you inner guidance system (IGS) you will be lead to a life that’s exquisitely right for you.

Your IGS manifests itself as a feeling of “rightness”. It’s connected to your authentic self, your true identity, the real you. The second life skill is learning to recognise this feeling and then have the courage (trust) to follow it. Essentially it’s about connecting your heart with your head.

In 1925 the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung went to Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. There he met the chief of the native people, Ochwiay Biano. Biano told Jung that according to his people, the Whites were ‘mad ‘- uneasy, restless, always wanting something. Jung enquired as to why he thought they were mad. The chief replied that it was because they thought with their heads, a sure sign of mental illness among his tribe. Jung asked him how he thought and he pointed to his heart.

Have you even just done something because it feels right? Maybe something small like choosing an Italian meal over a Chinese meal, or this piece of clothing over that piece of clothing. Maybe it was a bigger life decision like choosing to live in a different country or to break away from a poisonous relationship.  Of course you have!  In these cases we lead with the heart (feeling) and the head follows.

Have you ever ignored the feeling of rightness and done the opposite? Followed your head and not your heart, and become an intellectual bulldozer?!!! Of course you have! We all have. This is how you find yourself in relationships that drain you, take on tasks you hate and work 10-hour days in jobs that leave you flat and unfulfilled.

When you ignore the direction your authentic self is advising you to follow, you make your life very stressful.  An over reliance of the “head” path often results in success without joy and achievement without meaning.  The “head” path is the path that is logical and practical. You ignore the feelings in your heart for the sake of “doing the right thing” in the eyes of others.

Think of the last three decisions you’ve made recently. They might be work or life related, large or small. Which part of you, head or heart, took charge of each decision? How would that decision have changed if you’d lead with the heart?

It’s important to know what you feel as well as what you think. Feelings tell you what you value. When you follow your feeling of rightness you lead from within.  When you lead from within you’ll be guided to the work you wish to do, the place you’d like to live, the people you’d like to attract and, ultimately, your ideal lifestyle.

Pressing The Pause Button

To reconnect with your IGS it’s important to check in with how you feel before you make any decisions. Hit the pause button – slow down – breath into your body and become aware of how you feel. Does it feel “right?” Is there any tension or stress in your body – if so where?

Pressing the pause button and breathing into the feeling will quickly connect you with your heart. Once you start paying attention you’ll soon start to recognise your inner guidance at work.

With daily practice you can open up and strengthen this heart connection. You’ll soon instinctively start to know what you really want in any given situation. Over the next week, become aware of how you’re feeling when you’re faced with a choice – big or small.

Be awake. Be aware!

Look out for the next post on life skill #3. Leverage your talents and passions.

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    1. Nov 27th

      Great article. Thanks for reminding me to follow my bliss! Much love…nakhone

    2. Colin
      Nov 27th

      Hi Nakhone. We all need that reminder…including me! Sometimes I think I’m really writing the content I most need to live! Follow your bliss…a second to read and a life time to live.
      Thanks for the kind feedback.

    3. Robert Stump
      Nov 27th

      Another great article Colin! looking forward to your next post.
      Hope you are well.

    4. Colin
      Nov 27th

      Hey! Thanks Rob. Nice to know you are checking in and getting value from the bog. Spread the word amigo

    5. Diane
      Nov 29th

      I , so often think from the heart then follow my head ‘to please others’. I know I am able to trust my own feelings but the difficult bit for me is to do it for myself!!!!. I always want to please my family before myself – but if I’m happy then possibly its better for the family anyway.

    6. Colin
      Dec 1st

      Hi Diane. I belive this is the big opportunity midlife presents us. To transition from leading our life from our head to leading our life from our heart. Heart primary, head secondary (rather than the other way round)

      We certainly have to undo a lot of life conditioning!

      Thanks for your comment.


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