Little Miss Cutie Showing Us The Power Of Gratitude

Posted on April 6th, 2011 by Colin and is posted in Videos

                                                                  Little Miss Cutie Showing Us The Power Of Gratitude                                
It doesn’t surprise me this video’s already got 7,459,445 views. The energy little Jessica exudes is incredible. I found it so inspiring that I had to share this video with you.

Check it out below and follow Jessica’s lead by letting me know what you’re grateful for today

Gratitude is one of the key principles of raising your energetic vibration and little Jessica sure has got it.

One of the best rituals I know for manifesting more of what we want is beginning and ending the day notice all that we have in our life. Gratitude is the short cut to all the good stuff we strive for – comfort, optimism, happiness and relaxation. All of these come as a natural consequence of taking a few moments to appreciate something inward or outward. It’s the secret to personal fulfillment.

The law of attraction states ‘like attracts like.’ Feeling grateful puts us on the fast track to more of what we want because thoughts create feelings and positive feelings attract more things, people and situations we want into our life. Gratitude can turn feeling drained into feeling energised, it can turn struggle into flow and resistance into attraction. Gratitude helps makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Focusing on the gifts we has been given is an antidote to all the heavier emotions like, envy, resentment, regret. All of which undermine our long-term happiness. The Universe appears to give us more of whatever we appreciate. When we express love, gratitude and sincere appreciation, we naturally expand. The more we give, the more we receive.

Drop me a comment and let me know what you’re grateful for today. Whether it’s your beautifully painted nails, your family and friends, or the lovely hot coffee you had on the journey to work this morning, I looking forward to reading your comments!

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    1. Apr 6th

      Hi Colin

      Thank you for sharing this! It is wonderful to see such a young’en mastering the core principle of happiness and success. If a cute little girl can do it, surely its not too much of a stretch for the rest of us!

      Take care


    2. Colin
      Apr 6th

      Hi Paul, good to hear from ya and yes, how nice to be taught by a young master! Have a great day.

    3. Superb. How inspiring. I count my blessings daily but I have to say I never put as much energy into them as Jessica – think I need to start jumping around!!! Just makes me smile thinking about it – now thats another thing to be grateful for…that i can smile!!! Lynsx

    4. Colin
      Apr 6th

      Hi Lyndsey, I’ll join you in the appreciation of a smile. Let’s make it a ‘smile on’ Friday :-)

    5. Kenny
      Apr 6th

      grateful for my wife who got my a$% out of bed this morning at 6:00 AM to take her spin class…now alive and wide awake to start my day at 7:00 AM….

    6. Wow!! What a hugely. beautiful, positive, loving, energetic spirit in that wee soul!! For me today… I’m so grateful for my life so far, my blessings, my lessons of the past and the fact that on my next birthday in 3 weeks i’ll have six decades of living, making mistakes and learning under my belt…even if it took most of them to learn to love myself! I’m grateful for still enjoying good health, loving friends/family…and the amazing opportunities I still have for living, loving and being loved…and fulfilling myself” :-) )
      Thanks for posting this Colin….PS I haven’t forgotten… will catch up with you very soon… have been rethinking and restructuring my life
      Cheers Michael

    7. Colin
      Apr 6th

      Rock on Kenny! Love that feeling of aliveness.

    8. Colin
      Apr 6th

      Looking forward to catching up Michael and thanks for leaving a beautiful footprint here today. cx

    9. Phil
      Apr 6th

      Hi Colin
      Thanks for posting this, it makes you realise what you have got to be thankful for. Today I am happy to have a loving family and the sun has been shining which always helps.

    10. Colin
      Apr 7th

      Hi Phil, living in Spain we are always grateful for the sun. Does wonders for the spirit. Thanks for dropping by.

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