Make 2013 The Best Year Of Your Life (FREE ‘how to’ guide)

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                                                                  Make 2013 The Best Year Of Your Life (FREE ‘how to’ guide)                                

Watch my video to understand how to use the “Your Year In Review” guide and make 2013 the best year of your life. 

1 Hour. 3 Questions. Life Change! 

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Hello, Colin here from with a little video called “Achieving Your Goals in 2013.” The purpose of this video is really to inspire you to find some time over this Christmas period to really think about what can you take from 2012 to launch you into 2013.

When you think about 2012, what do you think about? What comes to mind? You see, whatever you’re thinking, there was far more to it than just those initial thoughts, right? It’s really important that we get beyond the initial thoughts and really get clear on what happened in 2012 and then as you’re listening to this video, how much clarity do you have around 2013? Do you have your goals for 2013? Do you have your plans ready or are you going to take the cross‑fingered approach and hope that it all works out? Hopium, as I like to call it, the drug of choice for many people!

Let’s talk about what exactly is a review period. I like to call it review and restart. It’s basically to schedule some time in the diary to really sit down and review two things in 2012. Number one, what are your wins? What are the celebrations that you’ve had? What are the achievements that you’ve had? What are the really good feeling experiences that you had in 2012?

Secondly, tests. Where have you been tested in 2012? What are some of your biggest let downs, some of your biggest disappointments, some of the biggest lessons that you had?

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to take that information and really think about what do you want to do in 2013, to go into 2013 with some clarity, purpose, intention and some real clear plans on how you’re going to achieve it.

Now, why do this? Why spend this time? Well, the first thing, I think you’ll agree, we’re all very, very busy, busy people. There’s nothing wrong in that, as such. It’s just that sometimes we can be busy doing the wrong things. So it’s important that we have a look to see, are the things that we’re doing creating the results that we want to create?

The other thing with busyness is that none of us would get in a car that only had an accelerator and no brake. We would instantly say that’s a very dangerous thing to do. Yet, often, that’s the way that we live our lives. We’re on accelerate. We’re on foot flat down, pedal to the metal, and we’re not really thinking about how we’re doing, how’s it going, what’s the results. So we don’t have the brake. And we do need a brake. We need to put a brake on.

If you look at sport, football, they have halftime, to reflect on how the first half was done and then what we’re going to different in the second half. Basketball, they have timeouts, right? They can have timeouts with seconds to go, because, with that timeout, they can really get the winning strategy sorted so they stand a chance. It’s no different in life. We need stop moments. We need to step back and really think about how we’re doing, organize our thoughts and then move forward.

Secondly, I think we seem to all find it very easy ‑‑ me included ‑‑ to have our attention on things that haven’t gone very well, on our dramas, on our struggles. Our focus tends to be on that. We don’t have any problem sharing often or reviewing where we’ve screwed up, where it’s gone wrong, where we’re not happy with our lives. That’s our default attention.

What we really need to do is we need to start looking at and flipping that to what has been great about 2012. What are you satisfied with? What are you happy with? Where did you complete some of the things that you wanted? Where did you achieve the goals that you wanted to achieve?

I’m sure you’ve seen this. I’ve worked with some individuals over the years that we would all say are really successful by society’s definition, but they’re not happy. Often it’s because they’re always striving, which there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s always going for the next level. Nothing is completely right. But they never really give themselves a pat on the back. They never really feel good about what they’re achieving and so they don’t feel good as a result of that.

It’s really important that we do a really good review around our wins, around the things that have worked this year. That then inspires us to think about next year because I think when you download the guide and fill out the questions you’ll be surprised at how many things you can celebrate in 2012.

Also, I think without really noticing it, we are all being habitually driven. We can have some bad habits that we need to think about because it’s those habits that drive our behavior, it’s those behaviors that drive our results. Without really thinking about it, we can find ourselves in this psychological slip stream where we’re just moving along but not getting the results that we want and not achieving the things that we want, the things that are important to us.

There are just some of the reasons why I think it’s important that we find the time to do a review. Really, it’s a simple thing to do, but it does take some discipline.

Now there’s three steps, three main steps to it. The first one, and what I’d like you to do in the guide, is I would like you to fill out all of your wins for 2012, all of your achievement, all of the things that you’re proud of, your proudest moments, if you like, the things that’s caused you to feel good.

Now what I suggest you do ‑‑ and you’ll see in the guide that I’m helping you with this ‑‑ think about your life through four windows, if you like ‑‑ health, wealth, love, and lifestyle. Because when you think about well, what are your wins around health, you might find that there are more things that you hadn’t thought about.

Now, my wife and I have just done this. Firstly, we just started with memory. We just used our memory, and we were having dinner together, and we were just sort of sparking off of one another. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, by the way. We had nothing there really to review just from memory, and we came up with 25 things just from memory that are our achievements, our proudest moments family moments.

Then you can go through health, wealth, love, and lifestyle using some memory jogging tools. Maybe you could go through all of your photos in your iPhone or wherever you keep your photos. Look at all the photos over the year, because they can get you thinking about, “Oh, I forgot about that. Ah, yeah, that was fantastic.”

Or maybe you can use your calendar. You can look at all the events that you put in your calendar, because that can be another way of bringing more things that you’d forgotten about that were really great moments, proudest moments, if you like, great achievements.

Or maybe you could go on Facebook and at your timeline for the year. Because often we put things down, little things, and our friends and family they all comment on it, and it was a really great moment. By going through your timeline, it can be quite surprising what comes out of that. So that’s just some ideas about reviewing the history of 2012 ‑ health, wealth, love, and lifestyle. Use your memory and use some memory jogging tools.

Then secondly ‑‑ in the guide you’ll see there’s a section for this ‑‑ think about the tests for 2012. What were some of the things that you didn’t complete on, what I like to call incompletes. Think about that in terms of health, wealth, love and lifestyle. What are some of the biggest letdowns that you had in 2012? What are some of the goals that you didn’t achieve in 2012? Maybe some things you were really disappointed about in 2012.

So capture those as well, and once again you might be able to use some of those tools I mentioned as ways of finding some of those out as well, because sometimes on our Facebook page, for instance, we do jot down thoughts, emotions, feelings, how we’re feeling, or things that haven’t gone quite right.

Just capture those, and think about what can we learn, what can you learn from those? What is life trying to teach you, because life doesn’t happen to us, life happens for us.

When you look at it from that angle, it’s like life’s happening for you to teach you something. What are you meant to be learning? What are you meant to take from it in order for it to serve you to help you improve, grow, and get better, to bring more of you, the real you, into the world?

So think about it from that angle, which is a nice reframe. In other words everything happens for a reason and serves us to help us grow and develop as a human being. And then lastly, step three, is to think about, well, what are your plans? What do you want for 2013 in the area of health, wealth, love, and lifestyle?

What is an aspiration for you? So when you get to the end of next year, this time next year, you know exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve and then you can measure to see, well, how well you have done.

So I’ve put this little guide together. It’s below the video. You can download it, and it is my hope that you find some time over this Christmas period to really reflect on this year and then plan for next year, because each of us are living life by either default or design.

Default doesn’t often bring us what we want. It takes design. It takes a level of consciousness, of focus, and discipline to find the time to do this work. So many people don’t find the time and they are living or taking the hopium drug, “I hope all things work out OK for me” which is really dangerous and I don’t wish that for you. What I wish for you is a wonderful 2013.

Next video I’m going to come back and I’m going to show you what we’ve done within the family in terms of planning our year. I’ll show you how we put this together and what we’re thinking about. I’ll be absolutely transparent with you so that this time next year, if I haven’t put any other videos together around this, you’ll be able to call me up and say, “How have you done, Colin?”

With that, thank you very much for listening. Now download the guide and do yourself a favor over this Christmas period, give yourself the gift of designing what you want to achieve in 2013. Thank you.

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