Dating Goddess Interview – Hands On Dating Research!

Posted on January 27th, 2010 by Colin and is posted in Interviews, Relationships

                                                                  Dating Goddess Interview – Hands On Dating Research!                                

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My special guest on this interview is the Dating Goddess, a midlife woman who, after her husband of 20 years surprised her with a divorce announcement at age 48, turned her search for her next mate into an adventure. She chronicled her lessons, insights, stories and advice in her popular blog, Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40.

She recently released a series of 13 books based on her “hands on dating research” after dating 91 men in 3-1/2 years. These books cover topics every dating woman over the age of 40 needs to know, from getting started, qualifying a man before agreeing to meet, breaking up with grace, ironing out dating wrinkles, to sex.

During this fascinating interview the Dating Goddess answers questions like:

  1. What makes dating different now than when we were in our 20s?
  2. What are some things I need to know to find that special person?
  3. What are some things to be aware of?
  4. What has surprised you about about men’s dating behavior?
  5. How does dating online work?

And much, much more!

For more information on the Dating Goddess books click here

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    1. Liz
      Mar 6th

      Thanks Colin, that was a really interesting interview & some excellent top tips. Very inspirational!

    2. Colin
      Mar 14th

      Thanks Liz. Glad you liked it.

    3. Jun 1st

      Hey, Colin! Maybe it’s time for us to do another interview!

    4. Colin
      Aug 19th

      Agreed! Lets get it sorted.

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