My Greatest Mentor Jim Rohn Has Passed Away

Posted on December 7th, 2009 by Colin and is posted in Growth

                                                                  My Greatest Mentor Jim Rohn Has Passed Away                                

I’m deeply saddened to find out last night that my greatest mentor, Jim Rohn, passed away at the age 79. My heart goes out to his family, friends and colleagues, and to all of you out there who appreciated him as deeply as I did.

For those of you who didn’t know Jim, he was a man of rare wisdom and deep insights and America’s foremost Business Philosopher.

Humble and genuine, with an extraordinary way of communicating his life and business philosophies, Jim’s charismatic, engaging, and empowering delivery made him a remarkably gifted speaker.

I first met Jim 25 years ago at a London event when I was a Herbal Life distributor and I remember that first meeting vividly. The hotel room was packed with 200 eager to learn distributors. Jim took to the stage, and for two hours he seemingly mesmerized everyone with his teachings – except me!

His chosen subject was the four seasons of life – winter, spring, summer and autumn. I had traveled all the way to London to learn how to make some money. What the hell did the four seasons have to do with anything? How was that going to help me recruit more distributors? I remember getting up annoyed, thinking it was a complete waste of time! My opinion of Jim was not great. I really couldn’t see what all the fuss was about!

Little did I know then the profound effect he would go on to have in my life. In those early years he awakened the potential in me and inspired me beyond my belief. He gave me strength in tough times and helped me see the world in a new way.

I’d left school with a very low opinion of myself and continued to take jobs well below my potential and capability. Jim gave me my first view of what I could be, do and have – and I’ve not looked back since.

Through his seminars, books and tapes, I’ve gained new and fresh insight by listening to them again and again. Over the years and at different stages in my own development, I’ve been amazed at how his message has struck me each new time around.

That remains true even to this day. I still love to listen to THE ART OF EXCEPTIONAL LIVING just as I did 25 years ago.

For a better idea of the sheer impact Jim has had on people’s lives, take a look at his website. There is a very fitting tribute to the man which includes a nice video tribute. See for yourself the tremendously positive influence Jim had on so many people.

Jim, I feel so honored to have had the chance to meet you face to face, shake your hand and learn from you. I pray that I can model a small percentage of all that you were. A true leader of integrity and an incredible communicator of wisdom that very few possess.

Because of your ethos, ideas, strategies and philosophies, I’m a better provider, father, husband, friend, and businessman. You will live forever in my heart, through the legacy that you’ve left behind – through my children and my children’s children.

You’ve made the world a better place Jim. God bless you.

Rest easy big man, your job is well done.


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    1. Dec 8th

      Hi colin

      What a beautiful note you have written. I too saw him about the same time, yes as a herbalife distributor lol … brighton. I agree with all u r saying.

      Thanks for writing this up


    2. Colin
      Dec 8th

      Thanks Steve. He was the first and the best in my life.

    3. matt butler
      Dec 14th

      Jim’s legacy lives on – his wisdom can be found all over the net – quotes, You Tube, etc. Nice tribute Col…

    4. Colin
      Dec 14th

      Thanks mi amigo. I have a lot to thank Mr Rohn for.

    5. Clive Atkins
      Jan 27th

      Hiya mate
      Its only after reading your blog I came across the info that Jim Rohn has died. Feel quite speechless like a space has just occured. The funny thing is that after all those years since Herbalife his work is still being passed on in different networks where people are still discovering him for the first time.
      Wisdom is rare few get close and at the end of Jim’s life it would have been his greatest gift.

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