Penny Waite Interview – How To Use Emotional Freedom Technique To Release Blocks

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                                                                  Penny Waite Interview – How To Use Emotional Freedom Technique To Release Blocks                                

I am very excited about today’s interviewee – a personal friend of mine – Penny Waite

This interview follows up the blog post I wrote called, “7 Of The Best Ways To Clear Limiting Beliefs – Forever!” One of the disciplines I wrote about was called Emotional Freedom Technique. Penny is an expert in EFT, she began training 7 years ago and is now at AAMET Advanced Level 3 and Trainer, training individuals to be EFT Practitioners.

In this interview (Podcast, Video or Transcript) Penny shares what EFT is and how it works. She demonstrates its power by tackling one of my limiting beliefs in a couple of minutes.

If you are in a hurry, fast forward the video to 7:38 to watch EFT in action and my limiting belief being taken out! 

Enjoy – I look forward to your comments and remember to give it some Facebook love!

To your happiness and success.

Colin (aka The Midlife Maverick)


Colin:  OK. Welcome to this first of the series called “Meet the Experts.” For those of you that saw my blog a little while ago, I put a little blog together around seven of the best ways to eliminate limiting beliefs or emotional blocks forever. One of those ways was EFT. And on this call, I have Penny Waite, and Penny has a lot of experience around EFT. She’s going to give us her story real soon, but for the last seven years, she’s been using it, and has got to the point now where she actually trains people on how to use EFT. So, welcome Penny.

Penny Waite:  Hi, Colin.

Colin:  Why don’t we start with you just sharing a little bit about your story about how you got into EFT, what were the triggers or the life experiences, because there’s usually something that happens that takes us on a path, I call a healing path. Why don’t we start there? Why don’t you just share a little bit about your background to the audience?

Penny:  OK. Well, I was already working as a coach, and I met a woman one day at a lunch around somebody’s house, and she told me she’d just done this weekend with Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT. I asked her what it was and she told me, and I thought, “You’re pulling my leg. This is just stupid.” I kind of dismissed it, but I was really drawn into it. It was an intuitive thing rather than an intelligent, intellectual deal.

I couldn’t find an EFT course anywhere, so I went and started training in Thought Field Therapy, which is the father of EFT, if you like, so TFT, as opposed to EFT. Then I found EFT and found it was far simpler than Thought Field Therapy and worked easily as effectively. But with Thought Field Therapy there’s lots that’s different… So if you’re working with somebody with love pain, there’s love pain with jealousy, love pain with anger, love pain with whatever. These are all different algorithms, and the algorithms are the bits that you tap. I would sit with my clients, massive file on my knee, having to look through it because it was so complicated, Colin.

EFT is so simple, and I love showing people how to do it, my clients, because then they can do it for themselves. They don’t need to get reliant on anybody else to do it for them.

Colin:  Got it. For you, when you first came across it and started learning about it, were there any benefits that you found, personally?

Penny:  Yeah, there were a lot. I said it was an intuitive hit rather than anything else. There was a huge thing that happened in my family where there was a lot of grief. Honestly, I do not know how I would have got through it without EFT. Well, I would have got through it somehow or other, but not as sanely, not in as balanced a way. I crossed all sorts of little things, little bits of anger. Also, I had a phobia about little animals‑‑little, small, sweet, lovely, little furry things.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  Actually, really, I don’t have a problem now, at all.

Colin:  Very good.

Penny:  In fact, I saw a rat the other day, and everyone was screaming and I was saying, “Oh, he has quite a sweet look. He’s got quite a nice little face.” I was astonished.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  You forget about these things that you’ve shifted with EFT, until you notice what has changed.

Colin:  Yes. If you were describing EFT to somebody that’s never heard about it before, and may even be a little skeptical, as we all are, how would you describe EFT? 

Penny:  OK. If you go to a therapist, and you go to the therapist, let’s say your mother’s died and you’re having trouble getting over that or dealing with it, OK? Now, a therapist would believe that the emotion is caused by the event, right? And this could take months or years, talking through this, would you agree?

Colin:  Yeah.

Penny:  With EFT, we believe that, “OK, so your mother died, and that event, or thought‑‑a thought can do the same thing, because an event, when you think about an event, it’s just the thoughts that are coming up for you‑‑that creates a disruption in your energy system.” It’s almost like a zizz on a television screen when you can’t get a channel. It’s that in‑between place. That’s the disruption. It’s the disruption in your energy field that creates the emotions. With EFT, you work directly with the disruption in your energy system. I mean, I often work with people and I don’t know what their problem is, but it goes away. And this takes minutes or hours, as opposed to weeks, months and years.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  In a nutshell, that’s what happens. It is also a talking therapy, EFT, to a degree. But you don’t need to recognize the emotion. All emotions register somewhere physically, so we can work with that.

Colin:  What do you mean by a talking therapy?

Penny:  I mean where you go and you talk about what a rough time you’ve had, what a tough time it is. You really engage in the process of what a terrible, terrible time you’ve had, and that, quite often, can hold people in that place, but with EFT, we don’t need to do that. There are various different techniques. There’s a load of these that we use to make sure that that person doesn’t have to go back into an awful, traumatic, terrible moment in their life, but they can actually let go of the emotions around it without having to go right back into it.

Colin:  Right. And, in your best explanation, how does it work? How does EFT work?

Penny:  Well, nobody knows.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  No one knows. It’s often called acupuncture for the emotions without the needles. We’re working with the meridian points, which are 3,500 to 4,000 years old, and these have stayed with us and are still used today, and used in the National Health System as well in Britain, because they work. But nobody really knows how they work. It’s that simple. They just do.

Colin:  Right. They just do!

Penny:  Yeah.

Colin:  Yeah. OK. Is there anything that we could do now‑‑either you can demonstrate using me as the guinea pig, or showing, using me or yourself‑‑what someone that’s watching this could go away and try themselves, to start to work on limiting beliefs or emotional blocks that they may be aware of, using the process? Because you talked about tapping, and I think EFT is sometimes called tapping, right?

Penny:  Yes, we can. We can work with one of your limiting beliefs if you like, Colin?

Colin:  I’ve got plenty, I’m sure. Yeah, I’ve got a whole list of them. [laughs]

Penny:  Have you got one that stands out for you that really stops you?

Colin:  I guess, yeah. Not stops, but I know it’s there, and it would be around the “not bright enough” type of belief system. I overcome it, and I do move forward, but I can feel there’s an energy shift just by talking about it.

Penny:  OK. Excellent. So, “I believe I’m not bright enough”?

Colin:  Yeah.

Penny:  Not bright enough for what, Colin?

Colin:  Well, not clever enough, not intelligent enough. It’s around that. I didn’t do very well at school, basically. I hated school, detested school, had some quite negative experiences in school and couldn’t wait to leave. I was always told I was slow, dyslexic, backwards. I was always in the bottom classes.

Penny:  OK, yeah.

Colin:  Right. I couldn’t wait to leave school and just get going. Yeah, I can sense there’s still an energy around that.

Penny:  Yeah. Interesting enough, I’ve worked with quite a few people, who have this held in their energy. What would it feel like if you just knew that you were enough as you are?

Colin:  Contentment comes to mind.

Penny:  OK. So, on a scale of one to 10, how much do you believe “I’m not bright enough”?

Colin:  Would 10 be..?

Penny:  10 being you really, really believe that. It really resonates big‑time with you.

Colin:  Yeah. And one is…

Penny:  Definitely not bright enough.

Colin:  It’s more the three, four, around that end. It used to be a big block, and I’ve worked quite a bit on it. Yeah. It’s not so much of a block now.

Penny:  OK. So we’re going to work with that, and I’m going to show you the points to tap.

Colin:  OK.

Penny:  Have you ever done any EFT?

Colin:  A little. Only a little.

Penny:  The first point that you have is this side of your hand here. This is for the PR point. You’re just tapping between that bottom of your little finger and your wrist. You’re just tapping quickly and firmly‑‑don’t bruise yourself there‑‑seven or eight times on each bit. After that, we’ll then move on here. This is your eyebrow point, so it’s literally where your eyebrow joins your nose. Right in, right there, I want to grab hold of your hand and…

Penny:  That’s perfect. OK. [laughs] Next point is just run your finger along your eyebrow, and you’ll come to the corner of your eye. Another couple of fingers there, again, seven or eight times. Then you’ve got one underneath your eye, which is about an inch below your pupil. OK? Then, under your nose. Then your chin. The chin point is actually below your bottom lip, so it’s in that dip.

Colin:  OK.

Penny:  Next point is your collarbone. It’s a very bony point. It’s where your clavicle, sternum, and the first rib meet. So it’s, literally, find that V where a man would tie his tie, go down about an inch, and go to one side about an inch. It doesn’t matter which side. Some people like to do this. It’s a great anxiety point, this one.

Colin:  Right. If someone has anxiety or is anxious, then to tap here.

Penny:  Yeah, just in the moment. It’s like, “oh, that will do it.”

Colin:  OK.

Penny:  OK, next point is underneath your arms. This is where a woman’s bra strap would go around, or perhaps if you wear one, Colin.

Colin:  Yeah, Thursday nights usually, between you and me.

Penny:  Yes. And Monday morning here, so obviously not then.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  About four inches below your armpit. Again, you’re tapping with the tips of your fingers. I suppose you’ve also got energy points in the tips of your fingers. Some people just like to slap that bit there.

Colin:  OK.

Penny:  The final point is the crown of your head. If you find where your pointy bit of your ears, top of your ears, then they go up so your fingers meet, just tap all around that point. You can do it with two hands or one hand. Those are the points, OK?

Colin:  Yeah.

Penny:  Let’s have a look at this belief. The side of your hand is where we start. Even though …


I’ve edited out the EFT process because, in text it’s quite repetitive and, EFT is much better observed. If you’ve been reading rather than watching fast forward the video to 7:38 and watch how Penny uses FFT to take out my limiting belief.


Penny:  OK, now take a deep breath. [pause] EFT works really well with water, which is to say that if you’re dehydrated, it compromises the EFT. It’s really good to have a glass of water next to you.

Colin:  Yeah.

Penny:  I didn’t tell you that before.

Colin:  All right. You can have a swig for me.

Penny:  I just did, you know.


Penny:  Now, Collin, when you think back to that belief what are the thoughts that come up for you now? “I’m just not bright enough,” say that.

Colin:  I’m just not bright enough.

Penny:  Now how much does that resonate now on a scale of one to ten?

Colin:  It doesn’t. I’m just tingling. I’m tingling all over, actually, at the moment.

Penny:  Nice. Good. That’s your energy shifting.

Colin:  Yeah.

Penny:  Also, sometimes people can’t think.

Colin:  No, no.

Penny:  They get… there’s a void. That is the energy shifting.

Colin:  Yep, yep.

Penny:  I call it the void.

Colin:  So, I’m in the void at the moment.

Penny:  Right. Lovely, how nice. OK.

Colin:  Well, thank you.

Penny:  My pleasure. I’ll check back with you later or maybe you can drop me a line to just say how it’s feeling for you.

Colin:  Yeah.

Penny:  I might like to know how that resonates.

Colin:  Very good. What was that, ten minutes? Something like that?

Penny:  Yeah. Seven to ten minutes. Something like that.

Colin:  Right. So, it is very quick as a technique.

Penny:  It’s really quick and it’s permanent.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  The only time when people might think it’s not permanent is when you’re working with something like phobias or an event that’s happened. Like, say, a car accident. Then there are lots and lots of different aspects involved. A different aspect might come up that hasn’t been tapped through.

Colin:  Right. With you. It’s connected in some way. As we start to conclude this “Meet the Expert” then what are some of the benefits or some of the trigger events that have brought people to you, so anyone listening can sort of get an idea of some of the things that EFT is absolutely brilliant for, for dealing with limiting beliefs and emotional blocks?

Penny:  I would recommend EFT for absolutely anything. If you’ve got anything going on chat to an EFT practitioner and see how they can help you.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  Personally, people will come to me with a variety of different things. Confidence and self worth is one thing that’s come up but that is actually a natural side benefit of EFT, I have found.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  When people let go of all the old stuff, looking forward to the new, their confidence and their self worth, automatically, will build.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  Now then, I wrote some things down, Colin.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  There’s letting go of beliefs. There’s business stuff. If you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to do, or you think you’re supposed to do, and it’s still not working, then EFT is the place to go. Because this will discover your limiting beliefs and let them go.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  Quickly, as you have seen. There are other things like physical pain. It’s fantastic for physical pain.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  There is relationship stuff, all sorts of relationship stuff. Divorce, making choices, do I get divorced or don’t I? There’s looking for a partner, there’s something that’s stopping you looking for a partner and that’s often a limiting belief.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  There’s grief, obviously. There’s sadness and anger and there’s lack of forgiveness. Now, this can often make people feel rather uncomfortable. There’s body image. How people view themselves and they’re just not happy. I’m too fat. I’m too thin. My nose is too big. I’m hideous. I’m ugly. Nobody’s going to find me attractive, blah, blah, blah.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  And I’ve seen the most beautiful people come through the doors believing that about themselves.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  Phobias, obviously.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  A need for perfection‑‑that’s something that really gets in the way of confidence and self esteem. Working with that is fascinating.

Colin:  Right.

Penny:  It is fascinating. OCD is another one and that’s sort of a bit further on from perfection. That, again, is really quick. And again, it’s dealing with different aspects in stuff that show themselves. And the nice thing is that people can use EFT in the moment to do it for themselves. Patterns of behavior and helping to set up patterns of behavior that work for people rather than ones that don’t.

Colin:  Yep.

Penny:  Then, some of my clients, they go away and they might come back some years later because they’re in a state of flux and they just need a little bit of balance brought back in. A whole range of things, as you can see.

Colin:  A whole range of things, fantastic. All right, and can you just give everybody your web address because you’ve got lots of information on your website and things for people to read. What is your… How can I get a hold of you?


Colin:  Fantastic, and I will put the link at the bottom of this blog post as well.

Penny:  Lovely. There are lots of free scripts in there that they can use.

Colin:  They can use, OK, great. All right, fantastic. Well, thank you very much, Penny, for your time today and thank you for helping me eliminate a limiting belief that I had. I’m still feeling a bit spaced, I’ve got to be honest.

Penny:  That’s good, enjoy it.

Colin:  Yeah, yeah. And I’m just, as you know, heading out now to a have a little surf. That would be interesting to see what happens once I get in the sea. 

Penny:  Have a drink of water before you go.

Colin:  Will do. All right, thank you very much, Penny. Bye for now.

Penny:  OK. Nice to talk to you. Bye.


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    1. Aug 31st

      Absolutely fab video Colin, it was extremely valuable to see EFT in action. Penny is great and obviously really knows her stuff. How good was that, that you got the benefit so quickly. Thanks as always for all the great work you do in sharing quality knowledge and wisdom. Px

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      Aug 31st

      Thanks Paul. I find the whole subject fascinating and I’m getting some free therapy! lol

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