(Video) Pleasure Isn’t Happiness And It’s A Big Mistake To Confuse The Two!

Posted on February 4th, 2013 by Colin and is posted in Growth, Videos

                                                                  (Video) Pleasure Isn’t Happiness And It’s A Big Mistake To Confuse The Two!                                

Do you know the difference between happiness and pleasure? Do you know which one you are actively seeking in your life?

Why is it important to know?

I bet you’ve read or seen people who have all the success they could ever wish for, but not the one thing they want – happiness. Or people who have achieved greatness, but they have no meaning in their lives.

Have you experienced the above personally?

Maybe you’ve arrived at a time in your life only to realise its not what you expected! As Stephen Covey, so beautifully put it, you’ve climbed the ladder of success, only to find its against the wrong wall! 

This is often happens because we mistake the feeling of pleasure for the feeling of happiness. 

In this video you will learn:

  • The two life paths we walk (or sometimes run!)  
  • What a bar of chocolate and a banana has to do with happiness!
  • Why you can never get enough of what you don’t really want
  • Three ways to know the difference between happiness and pleasure
  • Why we are conditioned to chase the feeling of pleasure believing its happiness
  • A simple 3 part happiness formula that will help raise your happiness flag even higher! 
  • … and much more….

Once you’ve watched the video…


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Video time: 13:37

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    Take a look at some of the responses we have had to this article.

    1. Diane
      Feb 5th

      Perfect Colin. The bottom line is, this is what we seek and exactly where I am now. If only we could all find this path

    2. Colin
      Feb 5th

      We can find it Diane, but it does take a commitment to go inside and find out who we really are beyond our conditioning. Its what make the journey interesting! cx

    3. Feb 9th

      HI Colin,
      THanks for this, definitely a hit the nail on the head one for me..always apreciate you CALL TO ACTION and sum up at the end of the video…I am going to start eating bananas ( as already gone bananas!)
      Thanks, as always , for sharing…I feel I should try to watch you regularly just to keep on track and not just follow the easy pleasure path..it’s that final action of DOING what’s good for you instead of just KNOWING what’s goof for you…
      Best wishes…Lisa Jane
      Lisa Jane recently posted..Pleasure Isn’t Happiness And It’s A Big Mistake To Confuse The Two! My Profile

    4. Colin
      Feb 9th

      Hi Lisa, the pull to easy path is a strong one for us all. Pushing through and doing what we know we should do is where discipline makes the difference. Thanks for letting me know how the video has helped and for being part of the community. Really appreciate it. cx

    5. Feb 12th

      10 :-)

    6. Colin
      Feb 12th

      Perfect! Thanks Laura cx

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