Rob Wilson Interview – The Inspiring “On the Up” Story

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                                                                  Rob Wilson Interview – The Inspiring “On the Up” Story                                

Recently I interviewed one half of an inspirational couple – Rob Wilson. Together, with his wife Nikki, they co-founded On the Up, a social venture to profile Africa’s most inspirational social entrepreneurs.

The maverick interview series is about everyday people who are following their smile and living a life filled with passion, possibility and purpose.

Each interview showcases the creative journeys of very different people. These people tell how they first came to recognise their unique gifts and passions and how they make a happy and fulfilling living from doing what they love.

As you’ll see they are mavericks because as they follow their smile (inner GPS) their journeys often take them off the conventional path.

Nikki and Rob’s work has been collated into a book containing stories from the social entrepreneurs they met in Africa. From a Zen Buddhist who is training rats to sniff out landmines, to an ex-playboy millionaire who is using his fortune to tackle multinational mining firms.






Purchase the book

On the Up Facebook page

Twitter- @iamrobertwilson

But this interview is not really about Rob and Nikki. It’s about YOU.

I record these interviews to show a you richer picture of what can happen when you connect with your unique gifts and passions and direct them in the service of making the world a better place. When your follow your smile.

I believe it is essential that each of us find our “smile” and follow it, not simply because it will make us more fulfilled but because the future of our world will depend on it.

In this interview Rob shares some real nuggets we can learn from. Here are just a few:

  • The moment it became blindly clear what path he was meant to take
  • The life experience that evoked his passion to make a difference
  • The adventure that took Nikki and Rob to ten countries covering a staggering 7890 miles 
  • How they used fear as their ally to break free of their comfort zone
  • How by following their curiosity it led to idea of On The Up 
  • How they funded their four month Africa adventure 
  • Three practical steps you can take to find your calling
  • What advice he would give anyone who is not happy at work
  • What belief enabled them to let go of their jobs with no guarantee of work when they arrived back home
  • How one of Rob’s family role models inspired him to travel

Enjoy this inspiring interview and if you like it, please “like,” “tweet” and “+1″ it! Help spread the word beautiful people!

Your happiness and success. My passion and purpose.

Colin (aka The Midlife Maverick)

P.S. If you have any comments or questions for Rob please leave them in the comments box below.

P.P.S. If you know anyone who is following their smile and would be a good interview subject, shoot me an email – 

(The video takes about 30 seconds to download, so be patient. You can download the audio by clicking on the icon below the video)




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