(Video) Self Discipline – The Real Secret To Happiness

Posted on February 12th, 2013 by Colin and is posted in Growth, Videos

                                                                  (Video) Self Discipline – The Real Secret To Happiness                                

How strong is your sense of self discipline? High? Low?

I know it’s not that sexy or in vogue, but self discipline is the most important quality to cultivate. With enough of it, most desirable things (fulfilment, meaningful relationships, happy state of mind, freedom, weight control) are attainable; without it, none is.

Life is a constant trade off between instant pleasure and long term reward. If we want long and lasting happiness we need to get control of the excesses of modern life.

In this video you will learn:

  • What children and marshmallows taught psychologists in the 70′s 
  • The link between happiness and the power of self discipline
  • Why self discipline is the master skill of life
  • Three differences between instant and delayed gratification
  • How to build greater self discipline into your daily life
  • The part denial and guilt play in keeping us trapped in the pleasure paradigm 
  • How to use the 1-3-5-7 formula to lead a more authentic life
  • … and much more.

Once you’ve watched the video…


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Video time: 18:01

How To Uncover Your Core Values 

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    Take a look at some of the responses we have had to this article.

    1. G Mann
      Feb 12th

      Colin a great visual representation of what makes us tick and how best to manage our ascent to achieve lasting happiness. Everything you say is pretty much spot on.

    2. Colin
      Feb 12th

      Thanks for leaving a comment G Mann. Appreciate it!

    3. Catherine
      Feb 12th

      really excellent and spot on and always, Ciolin. Well done. Always excited when I get a new video of your pop in to my inbox. so pleased to see this unsung and unfashionable essential (self discipline) get a bit of profile, and have it’s key role articulated so clearly. thank you.

    4. Joyce
      Feb 12th

      One of your best videos Colin. I like the simple and robust visual. Also the 1-3-5-7 approach. Have already shared on FB.

    5. Colin
      Feb 12th

      Thanks Catherine. Yes, lets give self discipline some positive PR. I think it needs it more than ever in today’s modern world of excesses! cx

    6. Colin
      Feb 12th

      Thanks for the comment and sharing on FB Joyce. Hugs cx

    7. Feb 12th

      This is the first time I have seen your videos, you present so well and easy to understand. I am giving up chocolate today for lent and this will help me plan my first 7 days and remember to aim for delayed gratification. I want to now watch your video on core values to see if I can help discover even more about myself. You are right we need to look within to find true happiness. Thank you for the video

    8. Colin
      Feb 12th

      Welcome to my little positive corner of the world Laura. Glad you dropped by! Perfect timing seeing as you want to give up chocolate for lent. Hope to see you back as I’d love to know how you got on. cx

    9. Bryan
      Feb 12th

      Thanks Colin – clear and to the point as usual. The intention statement summary at the end was great. Have me a prod to use it in my current endeavour to lose weight! Will need to think hard about why that might help the World though – perhaps by consuming less flood?

      Keep’em coming:-)

    10. Colin
      Feb 13th

      Thanks Bryan. I’ll keep’em a coming!!!

    11. Sarah Cudmore
      Feb 25th

      Hi Colin,

      Found that one very helpful. A good reminder or ‘mind over mattress’ / banana vs chocolate as I think about what to put in my fridge/ cupboards and lunchbox to help my goal of healthier eating. Make the hard/ good as easy as possible.


    12. Colin
      Feb 26th

      Thanks Sarah. I like the way you’ve ended your comment – “Make the hard/good as easy as possible.” Spot on! cx

    13. Lise
      Mar 7th

      How do we get this into the school system????? I needed this insight when I was in grade school. We have to get today’s children more familiar with this information. Absolutely bang on for me. Can’t wait to have my kids see this. Bless you for your time and insight.

    14. Mar 7th

      Muy bueno Colin!!

      I like the way you explain things… it´s really useful


    15. Colin
      Mar 7th

      Awesome, thanks Lise. Unfortunately we live a world that values and reinforces the quickness a pleasure hit can bring and sells it as happiness! Glad to help. cx

    16. Colin
      Mar 7th

      Muchas gracias Ramon. I do try to keep things simple!!!

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