Simplifying Life In Our Middle Years

Posted on October 20th, 2009 by Colin and is posted in Midlife

                                                                  Simplifying Life In Our Middle Years                                

We live in a frenetic, consumeristic world inundated with advertising that can leave us midlifers feeling overwhelmed at times. All too often we find ourselves having or wanting too much stuff, often resulting in more clutter and less time (due to working harder and longer to acquire or maintain those things) and either in dept or having less money to do things we truly would rather being doing.

What does it really mean to simplify life? Do you have to give up all of your worldly possessions, live a frugal life and move into a cow shed? Not hardly! Simplifying is all about having enough without having too much – cutting back on unnecessary spending, slowing down, and focusing on your true priorities.

For me, this meant working fewer hours, taking pay cut, freeing up time to spend on finding your smile and being with the family. Another may choose to move closer to work, buy a smaller home, and clean out some clutter in the form of unneeded junk. And a third person might just start saying no to the daily barrage of requests from other people.

Here’s where you can help me. I’ve set up a simple and quick survey to get a pulse check on midlifers desire to simplify life. Please help me get some stats on this subject by going to the service I’m using to collect the responses, Survey Monkey, and fill in the questionnaire. I promise it’ll only take you 1 minute of your time. Go on, do it now and I’ll feedback the results on the blog later this month:

What will you do to simplify your life this month?

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