Stuck In A Rut? (quick poll)

Posted on September 11th, 2012 by Colin and is posted in Lifestyle Design

                                                                  Stuck In A Rut? (quick poll)                                

You have accomplished so much in life, but for some reason you are having a tough time changing your life now. It’s like you are stuck in a rut!

“A rut is a grave with the ends knocked out.
– Laurence J. Peter

No matter how motivated, driven or aligned we are, everyone of us goes through periods in our life where we seem to grind to a halt! 

Here are some of the sure signs your life is stalled:

  • You’re drifting with a sense of no real purpose or direction
  • You feel that change is daunting
  • You’re confused and undecided
  • You’re feeling that something is missing in your life
  • You can’t seem to shake off a low mood
  • You’re lacking in energy and vitality
  • You’re bored! 

Over the years of coaching many people I’ve identified three of the most common “blocks” that create a feeling of stuckness! The three are:

1. Lack of clarity: Are you choosing the life you are living based on your clarity or lack of it? 

2. Fears and doubts:  Are you afraid to begin, or to let go of certain aspects of your life now?

3. Issues with money: Is the love of money or lack of money hindering you? 

Do you relate to any of these ways we resist making the changes we need to make? Yes! Well, I’d like to help you let go of this inner resistance so you can follow your smile.

I Need Your Help

In order to help me provide you with some helpful ideas and fresh perspectives please do this quick poll. It’s my one BIG request of you today! Would you complete this quick poll for me so I know what to help you with first? It’s one click and you’ll be able to see the results of the poll immediately. You can only choose one out of the three. 

Which block are you struggling with the most right now? 


Did you do it? Clicked on your #1 block?’ The answers to this little poll are REALLY important to me. I promise to use the information to provide you with the support you need to have a RESISTANCE BREAKTHROUGH! Look out the results in next weeks post. 

NOTE: Although I’ve left the poll open you might be interested in seeing the results at the end of the seven days. If you are,  click here. I’ve also add some next steps to get you off to the best start! Enjoy. 

That’s all for now. Please “like,” “tweet” and “+1″ this poll so more people get the chance to take it. I’ll close it in 7 days and present the results back to you. 

Your success and happiness. My purpose and passion.

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    Take a look at some of the responses we have had to this article.

    1. Gary proctor
      Sep 12th

      Interesting little survey for you and your business, get where you are coming from. For me it’s about timie management balancing work and personal with earrings to do what I want to do.
      Working for myself it’s a feast or famine syndrome.
      Good luck Colin

    2. Colin
      Sep 12th

      Hi Gary. Yes, its a hard to strike a balance between serving your existing clients and marketing your practice. I’ve found having a plan essential.

    3. Jean-Christophe
      Sep 12th

      I so much hesitated between option 2 and option 3 (fear or money).

      I am making a very good living right now, but don’t have enough secured yet, and yet leaving me lingering on the bored/miserable side of life. High-class hooker they say ;-)

    4. Colin
      Sep 12th

      Welcome Jean. As you’ve noted each of these inner blocks don’t work independent of one another. They have an interdependent relationship. Pop back and let me see if I can’t give you some general pointers. Also, do you have my Follow Your Smile guide? cx

    5. Suzanne Davison
      Sep 12th

      Hi Colin. I hope that helps I couldn’t decide between 1, 2 or 3
      I am making steps to make changes but not sure
      If its completely what I want so I’m going with the flow
      In the hope that the universe will guide me.

      I’ll look forward to reading your findings. Thanks Suzanne x

    6. Sep 13th

      Options 1 & 3 still a block for me.
      At least I am getting the work/life balance more in line.
      Best wishes

    7. Joyce
      Sep 13th

      What will be fascinating is where the results end up. I’d be very surprised if money were the 1st or 2nd biggest block. I had trouble picking because none of them apply to me anymore. (which is why I smile every day.)

    8. Arjie
      Sep 16th

      Hi Colin, I must admit that none of the three really apply to me. If I had to choose, I guess it would be ‘lack of clarity’ and it’s more to do with having too many attractive choices rather than being stuck in a rut. So I hope I haven’t skewed the results by choosing 1 ….

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