(Video) The Power of Focus – The Secret Behind The Secret

Posted on March 19th, 2013 by Colin and is posted in Growth, Videos

                                                                  (Video) The Power of Focus – The Secret Behind The Secret                                

The power of focus shapes our reality. Its easy to focus on the negative aspects of life, which bring more of the same. A new reality starts with focus, and in this video I show you how.


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Video time: 9.19

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    Take a look at some of the responses we have had to this article.

    1. Mark Oldroyd
      Mar 19th

      Fantastic Colin – as always!! I think the Dog Shit metaphor really makes it real time & demonstrates its all about where we focus!!

    2. Colin
      Mar 19th

      Hi Mark, its funny how life presents us with these little experiences that contain so much wisdom if we are open to the bigger picture! Thanks for dropping by.

    3. Liz
      Mar 19th

      Crap or crepe – Brilliant!
      Really helpful Colin – thanks!

    4. Colin
      Mar 19th

      Thanks Liz. Simple but powerful analogy!

    5. Mar 19th

      Nice video Colin!!

    6. Colin
      Mar 19th

      Thanks for swinging by Ramon.

    7. Sarah Cudmore
      Mar 19th

      Great memorable tagline for a very powerful concept – I will be trying to crepe not crap over the next few days… Thank you!

    8. chrissie
      Mar 24th

      As always, a great reminder of how focussing on the positive is good for us! Thanks Colin :-)


    9. Colin
      Mar 24th

      Yes Sarah, focus on the crepes – wants, haves and loves – and see what happens. cx

    10. Colin
      Mar 24th

      Thanks Chrissie. Have a great “crepe” day cx

    11. Lisa Jane Perraud
      Apr 2nd

      Thank you Colin, this reminded me of how to get back on track…and now simply..just do it ! (for 90 days!!)
      I feel once again, that change is possible ( Ilove your slogan – a change of mind…) definite resonance there as I have just bought 2 cushions with ‘another state of mind’ embroidered on them..the aim being to kick start me back towards a positive path and outlook and a focus on what I CAN do…
      Enjoy your crepes…;-)

    12. Colin
      Apr 3rd

      Awesome stuff Lisa Jane. Keep those Crepes – wants, haves and loves- in focus for the next 90 days and watch what happens! If your mind focuses on the ‘crap,’just pivot it back the crepe (a better state on mind). Thanks for the comment.

    13. Apr 24th

      Great video Colin!

      Educational and entertaining. Will be sharing this one with my friends :)
      Shu recently posted..How to Solve Your Own Problems–Write a Letter to YourselfMy Profile

    14. Colin
      Apr 26th

      Thanks Shu. I appreciate the feedback.

    15. Deepika
      Aug 8th

      Loved your video really inspiring !! You are a genius

    16. Colin
      Aug 8th

      Thanks Deepika. Genius!!! That’s quite and accolade!

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