(Video) The Law of Attraction SUCKS!!!

Posted on March 7th, 2013 by Colin and is posted in Growth, Videos

                                                                  (Video) The Law of Attraction SUCKS!!!                                

Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for some and not others? 

Why does it leave some people even more cynical and skeptical about the Law of Attraction movement?

What is the Law that activates the Law of Attraction?

That’s what I answer in this video and once you’ve watched it…


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Video time: 7.58

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    Take a look at some of the responses we have had to this article.

      Mar 7th

      Colin – your video on the Law of Attraction is brilliant – I loved it! It has woken me up and make me think in a more focused and clear manner. I am so grateful – thank you so much for sharing. I will certainly pass it on.

    2. Colin
      Mar 7th

      Awesome, thanks Linda. Good to hear the extra clarity its given you. Stay at ’cause’ and watch what happens. See you again soon cx

    3. Bryan
      Mar 7th

      I still get a bit uncomfortable with the use of the term “law” but I do practice and implement what you’ve discussed (as you know) and I have been getting results.

      Garden progressing – just waiting for spring to see if my wild flowers come up and the birds to start using the nest boxes.

      Weight down by just under a stone.

      Business growth I progress!

      Keep’em coming Colin!

    4. Tina
      Mar 9th

      Colin another informative video. You always give a brilliant outlook and great new useful tools. Thank you! ❤

    5. Karen
      Mar 9th

      Hi Colin,
      Really great video and a very useful distinction re the law of attraction – Thanks

    6. Colin
      Mar 9th

      Thanks Karen. Love and hugs to you cx

    7. Colin
      Mar 9th

      Hi Tina. As I say, “Your inspiration. My passion.” Thanks for the kind comment. cx

    8. Colin
      Mar 9th

      Great results Bryan. Onwards and upwards…

    9. Liz
      Mar 12th

      10/10 for me – thank you, very clear.

    10. Colin
      Mar 19th

      Thanks Liz. cx

    11. Lise
      Mar 26th


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