What Is Midlife Maverick?

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                                                                  What Is Midlife Maverick?                                

Welcome to my new blog Midlife Maverick. Today is the day it’s officially launched but bear with me as I’m still transferring everything across from my old blog and it’s proving more time consuming than expected!  My old blog is not sophisticated enough to handle everything I want to do so I’ve decide to go the WordPress route. I thought I’d use this post to answer some of the key questions you might have about Midlife Maverick…   

What is Midlife Maverick?

Midlife Maverick sets out to answer the question how to get the life you really want, now! It’s a blog dedicated to giving a subculture of midlifers the education, motivation, and inspiration to enhance who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Blending life, work and technology Midlife Maverick gives you the right stuff for the good life and set you on your way to a freedom lifestyle. It caters for people 35+ who are thirsty for information, stimulation, ideas and answers.

Why start Midlife Maverick?

The middle years of life have a bad reputation. Midlife has the stigma of crisis attached to it: “My milestone birthday,” “I’m over the hill,” “I’m having a midlife crisis;’ “I’m so old,” or “God, I’m depressed and “I’ve really done nothing with my life” are comments commonly heard from people approaching their middle years.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Chinese symbol for crisis is the exact same symbol for opportunity. Mavericks view “crisis” as an opportunity to leave behind everything that is familiar and embrace everything that is different. What separates Midlife Mavericks from the rest is this subtle shift in perception. This subculture of midlifers believes the new symbol of success is an unconventional life created by design – a lifestyle that’s designed around their talents, passions and values. 

Lifestyle design

Midlife Mavericks are playing the new game in town – lifestyle design. Lifestyle design is about answering one of life’s big questions, what is the good life and how can I live it now?  In creating the good life vision for ourselves we need to take into account four critical life elements: Personal & Wellness, Love & Relationships, Lifestyle & Leisure, and Work & Wealth. This is the “whole person” approach to designing the good life by taking into account the four elements critical to a successfully integration life. 

Midlife Maverick provides a universal model of the good life that you plug your specifics into. To help you get clear on your vision of the good life the blog is designed around the four elements and plans to bring you interviews with experts, videos, information, ideas, ebooks, answers, stimulation, and home study courses on each life element. I’ll also be interviewing present day midlife mavericks who are living life on their terms…I have some great inspirational stories ready to be posted.

Why not you?

Midlife Mavericks are people who, as George Bernard Shaw said, “Dream of things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’”Midlife Mavericks are not afraid to ask “why not?”

  • Why not choose to live NOW instead of deferring their vision of the good life until later life?
  • Why not work at something I enjoy and that’s worthy of my talents and my time?
  • Why not question who I am, what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with?
  • Why not explore new ways to finance my freedom lifestyle whether that’s through an online or offline business?
  • Why not live a rich unconventional life following my authentic truth?
  • Why not peruse my personal freedom and live a life that’s less defined by external measures but one that emerges from my deepest desires and heartfelt wishes?
  • Why not get control of two of the most important resources to living a purposeful life – time and money?

Why not you now?

If you are age 35+ and have a strong desire to free up time and money to do the things and be with the people who matter most, you’re in a ‘village’ of allies. Have a good look around the site. Read some blog posts, interviews, and stories of midlife mavericks who are living life on their terms. If there are blog posts or comments that speak to you, please add your own comments and get involved.

There is a lot planned for Midlife Maverick so be sure to move your friendly little mouse over the subscribe box, add your details and press ‘click.’ That way you’ll automatically be informed of any new blog post.

I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your midlife maverick story in the “village”

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