The Difference Between Happiness And Pleasure

Posted on October 27th, 2009 by Colin and is posted in Growth

                                                                  The Difference Between Happiness And Pleasure                                

Is there a difference between happiness and pleasure? Lets see if we can answer that important question using an analogy of a chocolate bar and a banana. 

When you crave a chocolate bar and eat one, often you’ll find that not your craving doesn’t go away. In fact research has shown your craving can increase.

You Can Get Enough Of What You Don’t Really Want! 

Now contrast that with eating a ripe banana. You rarely desire eating another one. One banana hits the spot. Why do you desire the banana? You’re drawn to the banana because of a need for what’s in it. Bananas contain no fat, salt, or cholesterol.

Like many fruits they contain all of nature’s good stuff – potassium, vitamins, fibre and magnesium. But, in many cases, the craving that draws you to a chocolate bar can’t be satisfied by a chocolate bar. That’s because there’s nothing much that your body wants or can use in a chocolate bar.

In fact, rather than making you satisfied and fulfilled, most of the time giving yourself a lot of what you don’t really want does the very opposite – it makes your craving even bigger. This is true whether we’re talking about chocolate bars, alcohol, money, ‘toys’, a bigger house, or a more exciting relationship.

Do You Want Happiness?

If you are looking for it in a chocolate bar, like a new car or a greater level of material success, you probably won’t find it. Once you get clear of what you really want you can begin the gentle process of letting of status, material things, and excessive activity so you’ll have more time and opportunity to engage in what’s really important to you.

Small adjustments can be made to close the gap between who you are and what you’re doing. You can find more fun, freedom and fulfillment – your authentic smile 

That’s why, sometimes, the people who have the biggest share of the things we are all striving for – things like money, success and fame are addicted to self medication activities.

Money, status, success and fame are not what they really want. They really want all the good stuff in life – happiness, fulfillment, love, peace of mind and joy that they believe those things will bring them.

There’s nothing wrong with fame and fortune – like there’s nothing wrong with a chocolate bar – as long as you aren’t using those things to satisfy a craving for something else.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t strive for or enjoy material things? Not at all. It just means that you shouldn’t look to satisfy your deep need for happiness in the car dealership. Your happiness can’t be found in a car dealership. They only sell cars. You need to shop somewhere else!

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